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Advanced Soldering Station

Advanced Soldering Station
Product Detailed
Fresh new appearance, simple and beautiful Accurate temperature control Extended longevity

AT938 Features

ESD safe – suitable for work on static-sensitive components

Three programmable preset temperature buttons

Temperature range: 200°C~480°C

On/Off switch on side of unit

Includes soldering iron, stand, and sponge

Additional range of soldering tips available

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage: AC 220V(110V optional)

Input Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 60W (max)

Temperature Range: 200~480°C

Tip and ground impedance: <2 Ohm

Tip and ground potential: <5mV

Heating Element:2 cores,60W

Standard tip: AT-900M

Parts List

Soldering Iron


Iron holder


Power Cord




Clean sponge



Operating Guidelines

1.Connection: Insert soldering iron's plug into the socket and tighten the nut on the plug securely and place it in iron holder.  

Inset station's power cord into power plug on the back panel and plug the cord into a power source.

2.Turn on the unit.The Digital display will initially display the current set temperature (the value of last time using for 3 seconds. After few seconds it would display the actual temperature with temp unit “°C or °F”. (diagram 1), (diagram 2)


3.Adjusting Temperature:Under normal working condition, pressing and holding button , you can either increase or decrease the temperature quickly. Keeping the knob in pressed will adjust the temperature setting quickly; short pressing knob, you can adjust temp step by step. The display screen shows the temperature value simultaneously. Release knob for 3s to store.  (Diagram 3) 



4. Quickly adjusting temperature: Under working condition, you can set working temperature quickly by programmable buttons. Press the button once to extract setting temperature stored in button “1, 2 & 3”, this way you can easily set the working temperature.


Pressing button “#” and buttons “1, 2, 3”, you can store the setting temperature into fast channel knobs “1, 2, 3”.


Temperature hotke:

A. Hotkey 1 is usually applied to store a 200ºC or lower temperature value at which level machine stands by and on rest.

B.Hotkey 2 is a shortcut of temperature between 300ºC to 350ºC at which level a general soldering job can be done.

C.Hotkey 3 is a fast channel to high temperature of 380ºC specificied for special welding job.

5.        You need calibrate the temperature of tip after you replace with a new heating element or tip. Enter into calibrating station by long pressing knob “   ” (>3s).You can directly adjust the value of calibration by pressing knob The value of calibration is temperature measured minus the settings. (e.g.  Actual value 380ºC- setting value 350 ºC = +30 ºC. Pressing knob adds 30 ºC; Actual value 320 ºC -settingvalue 350 ºC=-30 ºC. Pressing knob  minus 30 ºC). The calibrating temp range is +50 ºC ~ -50 ºC. You can press knob“    ” to store after you finish calibration. (diagram 4)


6. In the power off condition, press and hold knob “#”, then turn on the station, the temp unit will be changed between “ºC” and “°F” and store automatically.


7. False alarm:When “H-E” or “S-E” is displayed on the screen, there is some wrong in heating element  or the circuit. ( diagram 5, 6). Turn off the unit and follow the instructions to replace the heating element.



Temperature of iron tip will be up to 200 – 400 ºC after connecting power, so it may lead to injury

or fire because of improper usage. Please abide the following terms:

Don't touch the iron tip or surrounding metals.

Never operate it near the flammable gas or substance.

Disconnect from power source if the unit will not be used for long periods. Switch off power during short breaks.

Replace accessories or iron tip after turning off the station and let it cool down.

Never operate this device, if you don't have soldering experience or enough knowledge to use.

Keep away from children.

Safety Precautions

Caution: Improper usage can cause serious injury to personnel and/or damage to equipment. For

personnel safety, please follow these precautions:

Never use it to do other work except soldering.

Do not subject the main unit to physical shock. Never drop or sharply jolt the unit.

Don't change the device at will

Replace loss items with original accessories of ATTEN.

Don't put it in water or operate with wet hands

Don't pull the cable but hold tightly the plug when you take it out of plug.

Please keep the operate place well ventilated since soldering process produce smoke.

Don't play with other people or would be easy to hurt others or yourself.


Changing Soldering Tip

Always turn the power OFF when removing or inserting a tip

Let the tip to cool down to room temperature before holding it with heat resistant pads

Unscrew the metal cap nut

Pull out the shaft of the soldering iron

Replace it with a new soldering tip.

Put back the shaft and securely lock with the metal cap nut

Advanced Soldering Station

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